Paul Pinzarrone Imagery Statement:

This work is a study of how nature and power rhyme.  It is a study of candy-colored sensual puzzles displayed on high gloss aluminum or plexiglas and metallic paper. The viewer is drawn in to feel comforted yet disturbed, pulled towards sensuality but paused at the detachment. All are invited in to play and explore…. and wonder if these are mirrors, this is science fiction, some other-worldly situation or nightly dreams.


Paul Pinzarrone Process Remark:

This work is digital…. I use CAD software, fractal software for patterns, painting software for digital airbrush & air erasure and digital photography to show you my world. The mandalas are built up using transparent layers.  Sometimes after they are compressed, I wrap them around figures and build up additional transparent layers. The figure skin is my canvas and the viewer asks if they’re photographs of tattoos, painted figures or something else. Some of the work is printed on high gloss aluminum, some printed on metallic film and bonded to the reverse side of clear plexiglas.



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